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What is the doTERRA MetaPWR System?

The doTERRA MetaPWR System is an array of products with an essential oil blend and proprietary ingredients to help maintain metabolic health. It is part of a metabolic wellness system of doTERRA products which work together. It helps you feel younger, longer!


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MetaPWR is different for everyone, but here are some results from the early testers:


- Less foggy “Mommy brain”

- Less cravings for sugary foods

- Increased energy

- Sleeping more deeply at night

- Shedding excess weight

- Uplifted mood


Your metabolism influences a lot of things—energy, weight, body composition, aging, and even your cognitive performance. But only 6.8% of American adults have optimal cardiometabolic health! That means 13 of every 14 people can benefit from metabolic health support. (And if you’re someone who is in the 6.8%, well, you certainly want and need to stay there!)


This MetaPWR product is a proprietary, balanced blend of pure essential oils designed to support healthy metabolic function when ingested. * The MetaPWR blend used internally may curb hunger cravings.* Based on a preliminary study, internal use may even reduce fat cells. *


Make your healthy choices count for more and start seeing real results from your efforts with MetaPWR Metabolic Blend. Today is the best day to influence the rest of your life!

What is doTERRA MetaPower Oil Blend Used For?


doTERRA MetaPWR essential oil blend helps support the metabolic system of the body. It is a metabolic essential oil blend. Look at these metabolic blend uses:


    Inhibits fat cell maturation*

    Curbs cravings*

    Supports metabolic health*


MetaPWR essential oil blend comes in four easy ways to use. Choose your own adventure – this is a system which will work well to support your overall healthy lifestyle.


    15 ml MetaPWR Metabolic Blend – the hero essential oil blend around which the entire MetaPWR health system was created

    MetaPWR Beadlets – pop a beadlet in your mouth to help curb your desire for that sugary afternoon snack*

    MetaPWR™ Metabolic Blend Softgels – Take up to five softgels as needed throughout the day

    metaPWR Satiety Gum – chew this to help you get through without junky snacks!


doTERRA MetaPWR Ingredients


The ingredients of doTERRA MetaPWR oil blend are as follows. I’ve outlined why each oil is important!


    Grapefruit oil: emotionally uplifting, assists with healthy digestion

    Lemon oil: aids healthy detoxification, invigorating, and helps boost energy

    Peppermint oil: purifying and stimulating to my mind, helps soothe digestive system

    Ginger oil: healthy energy and digestion

    Cinnamon oil: may help with healthy circulation, digestion, and healthy energy


Taking MetaPWR metabolic essential oil blend internally helps curb hunger cravings, may reduce fat cells, and may support healthy metabolic function. * And MetaPWR Beadlets provide a few drops of MetaPWR blend in a convenient format when you’re out and about. At work? At the gym? Running errands? Just pop a beadlet and keep on living your most powerful life!


There is also a MetaPWR softgel you can take to keep the cravings away! * MetaPWR blend softgels provide all the many benefits of MetaPWR blend (including reduced sugar cravings) in a simple, convenient format. * Just swallow with water!



How do I use MetaPWR essential oil blend? You can use MetaPWR Oil Aromatically, Topically, or Internally. For natural weight loss, it is suggested to use MetaPWR internally. MetaPWR oil also comes in a soft gel capsule, a beadlet, and a gum. Four delivery methods makes this metabolic oil blend is so convenient for internal usage!

doTERRA MetaPWR Oil Blend For Weight Loss


A popular reason to use doTERRA MetaPWR oil blend is for healthy weight loss. This oil is best combined with a healthy diet. And of course, a healthy exercise plan. As is any effective natural weight loss regimen.


How MetaPWR oil helps with losing weight is by supporting healthy digestion. And it helps curb your appetite for sweets. My doTERRA friends with early access to the product have reported great results using the doTERRA MetaPWR metab0lic health system.





Nope! This is an entirely pure and natural essential oil blend. You can use doTERRA MetaPWR Blend in full confidence. There are no harmful ingredients. As with any new product, though, your body may experience a transition period as it learns to utilize these wonderful products for better health!



MetaPWR oil blend should be used several times a day. This will best help your body with natural weight loss. Since you should be drinking plenty of water, here is a tip. Add a few drops of MetaPWR essential oil from doTERRA to your water glass!


For optimal results, use MetaPWR oil blend along with the rest of the doTERRA metabolic health system.


Emotional benefits of MetaPWR would help you move from feeling inadequate and insecure to having feelings of calm, confidence, love, peace, satisfaction. This beautiful metabolic oil blend will uplift you emotionally!


For further oil tips join my essential oil class group on Facebook:



*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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